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Moonstone Dice Contest Winner

Happy Labor Day weekend! I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who entered the Moonstone dice giveaway. We had a lot of fun this week and recorded a total of 97 entries. I wish we had enough Moonstone dice to give to each and everyone of you, but alas, there can only be one contest winner.

And that winner, as decided by random selection at Random.org, is…

Karla Pickford

Congratulations Karla! You now have a brand new set of rpg dice to use on game night. We can’t guarantee that you’ll always make a successful savings throw or perception check with the Moonstone dice, but we do guarantee that they’ll look fantastic as you roll them across the table.

Thanks again everyone! We had so much fun that we’ll do it again next month. If you follow us on Facebook you’ll have an opportunity to pick the dice we giveaway. Stay tuned!

Indigo -- The Newest Moonstone Color

One last thing: if you think you just can’t live without a set of Moonstone dice we recently added two brand new colors on our website: red and indigo. For the next week you can save 10% off the sale price of these dice by using the coupon code MOONSTONE.


Don’t Fear the Reaper! Reaper Miniatures Now At Dark Elf Dice

Hold on to your pointy wizard’s hat! Another shameless plug for great rpg dice and role playing gear found at Dark Elf Dice.

What can be said about Reaper miniatures that hasn’t already been said? These rpg minis are hot! Each sculpt has lifelike detailing that truly is astonishing. It’s almost like Reaper went to Gen Con and used a special machine to shrink all the costumed attendees down to 28mm size. Don’t believe me? Then check ’em out here. Reaper minis will knock your fuzzy socks off!

Not exactly the guy I'd want to meet in a dark alley.

Summertime fun! Giant Inflatable d20 Dice

Hey, we got to make money, right? Shameless plugs for great rpg dice and role playing gear found at Dark Elf Dice

Ready to make a great impression at your next beach party or barbeque? Inflate a giant d20 die and let the good times roll! Way cooler than a beach ball and more fun than a barrel of kobolds wearing party hats. Available in three razzle dazzle colors — red, blue or green. Definitely the vorpal blade of d20’s. Click here to check ’em out.

Not your daddy's d20.