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Moonstone RPG Dice Giveaway

Moonstone Dice

Moonstone Dice

All right! Hang onto your pointy wizard hats because it’s time for another Dark Elf Dice giveaway contest. We ran a poll on our Facebook page earlier this week asking our fans to choose between three sets of rpg dice for the prize. The hands down favorite was a set of eerie, translucent Moonstone dice! As always, we have super quick and easy entry rules for this month’s contest and you can earn 2 entry points + 1 super cool bonus point for a maximum total of 3 entry points. The more entry points you have the better your chances of winning this month’s giveaway, so here goes.

Entry Points for Non-Blog Subscribers

Not a Dark Elf Dice Game Night: The Blog subscriber? You can earn up to two entry points by doing the following:

  • Leave a comment for us on our Dark Elf Dice blog (Earns 1 Entry Point): You can earn one contest entry point by simply leaving a comment on this blog post. Just go down to the bottom of this post and click on the comments section (located directly below where it says “Rate this”). Your comment can be as zany as you’d like, but it must have the words “Moonstone dice” in it. Some examples: “I’d like to enter the Moonstone dice contest,” “Give me some Moonstone dice,” “My grandparents went to New Jersey and all they got me were Moonstone dice,” etc.
  • Subscribe to our Dark Elf Dice blog (Earns 1 Entry Point): You can earn a second contest entry point by becoming a subscriber to our blog. Before you subscribe we encourage you to take a look around. If you like what you see, sign up at the top right hand side of the page where it reads “Email Subscription.” Once you sign up you’ll receive notifications of new blog posts by email (roughly once or twice a week). WE HATE SPAM MORE THAN LIVER AND ONIONS and will ABSOLUTELY NEVER use your email address for spam. Our blog subscribers are our friends, and friends don’t treat friends like garbage.

Entry Points for Current Blog Subscribers

Already a current Game Night: The Blog subscriber? Cool! You can earn two entry points by doing the following:

  • Leave a comment for us on our Dark Elf Dice blog (Earns 2 Entry Points): You can earn 2 contest entry points by leaving a comment on this blog post. Your comment can say anything, but you must use the initials “BS” (the “BS” stands for “Blog Subscriber”). Some examples: “I’d like to enter the contest BS,” “Really cool dice BS,” “This contest is total BS,” etc.

Super Cool Bonus Point

This bonus point can be earned by both non-blog subscribers and blog subscribers. All you have to do is:

  • Share this contest with others via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Press This, Reddit or Google+ (Earns 1 Entry Point): Share this contest through any of the sites listed. Simply click any of the social bookmarking buttons below this post. To get credit for your entry you just need to tell us in your blog comment that you shared the contest.

The Moonstone dice contest runs from August 27 through September 3, 2011. During this time we’ll collect each individual’s entry points (remember, you can earn up to 2 entry points + 1 bonus point) and the winner will be determined by random selection at Random.org. We’ll announce the winner on Sunday, September 4 on our blog . Best of luck everyone!